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Now based Tucson, Arizona (KTUS) Fall 2021! – Scottsdale (KSDL), Arizona – Bishop, California (Sierra Nevada)

Unique flight training based in Arizona

Author of the “6/10 Risk – Mitigation” Model (read for details)

Appointed 2021 AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteer

Private Business Owners

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Private/Recreational Pilots

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Ab Initio Career Training

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  • Structured courses.
  • Tailored for career or pleasure.
  • Highly trained to FAA standards.
  • Private, Instrument, Commercial and Multi Engine Add-On – 3 – 5 day comprehensive ground schools.
  • Highly disciplined exceeding required subject areas for each certification.
  • Taught by instructor with 28 years of advanced knowledge.
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We have CFI/Aircraft insurance provided by AIG Aerospace

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