Courses & Services

Private Certificate

Instrument Rating (asel/msel)

Commercial Rating (asel/msel)

Multi Engine Add-On

Flight Review (AC 61-98D)

IPC (instrument proficiency check) (AC 61-98D)

Test Flights (return to service)

Subject to make and model and appropriate documentation at time of flight (including ferry permit validity)

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“Experienced flight training for recreational pilots, scholars of aviation and prospective aviation professionals”


GFT Aviation L.L.C is a Professional Part 61 Flight Training Organization established in 2007, meeting exacting FAA airman certification standards. In the Sierra Nevada’s Bishop Airport area we are proudly associated with the Bishop/East Sierra Flying Club. Comprehensive CFI Instructor liability insurance provided by AOPA/AIG.

Proud to offer a wide range of opportunities from simple air experience flights, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else, right through to commercial pilot training. If you have a passion for flying then we have the experience for you!


Professional flight training operating in Scottsdale Arizona, San Diego and Bishop Airport in the Sierra Nevada.

With all of the flying briefings and ground school theory provided, we offer comprehensive flight training. The school through its association with the Bishop East Sierra Flying Club, operates a quick and easy online booking system, enabling students and members to book their flying lessons directly from the comfort of their home, at any time of day or night.

Lenticular formation over the Sierra Nevada Range

GFT Aviation was originally started in 1994 by professional Advanced Flight Instructor David William Gibbons, who has seen many students start, and successfully gain their licenses. Throughout the years he has given many people the opportunity to take to the air and have a go at flying aircraft for the first time, as part of the air experience offering.

Bishop Airport, California Copyright 2020


Serving communities is now and will forever become more important as part of our remit and service. As our world continues to transition towards a new era, children and young adults in particular, need mentors to embrace their dreams and goals. We wish to be a strong part of that future.


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