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March 1, 2020

Frasca FAA Qualified AATD Simulator (Bishop, California)

Courtesy Fresca 2020

“The RTD is a feature rich Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that combines FRASCA quality with real-world affordability. The RTD can be reconfigured to convert to different aircraft models including the Cessna 172, Piper Seminole (kits available with analog or Garmin G1000) and the Piper Archer with additional aircraft kits in development. Its durable design and easy maintenance makes the RTD a reliable training tool. The RTD is much more than a simulator. It’s a solution.” Fresca 2020

GFT Aviation is planning to have the Cessna 172 option with both analogue and Garmin G1000, installed by March 2021. This will enable wide opportunities for pilots throughout the Nevada Sierra region and beyond. The equipment will provide key training for instrument rating students and clients seeking IPC currency. With an FAA qualified AATD simulator, pilots from all backgrounds will be able to train with hundreds of IAP approaches, arrivals and departure procedures. Bishop California is to become a significant training location for students not only in the Sierra Nevada area but throughout the United States.

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