Private Ground School


Classes held monthly

Program: 3-Day Comprehensive Extended Weekend Course.
Facilitated by Advanced Flight Instructor with extensive knowledge of FAA regulatory and airman’s certification standards (ACS). 


Course fee: $490 (not including *knowledge exam fee – approved test center)
FAA approved training manuals recommended for purchase prior to ground school. (not included in course fee)
*Knowledge exam endorsement provided upon successful quiz completion.

  • Pilot Certification
  • Principles of Flight and Aerodynamics
  • Airplane Certification and Airworthiness
  • Airport Operations
  • Airspace and Aeronautical Charts
  • ATC Communication
  • Weather Theory and Services
  • Airplane Instruments, Systems and Emergency Procedures
  • Aircraft Performance and Weight & Balance
  • Radio Navigation
  • Cross-Country Flight (Pilotage and Dead Reckoning
  • Night Flying, Aeromedical and Decision-Making Factors
  • Risk Management and Mitigation

Requirements for Ground School

E6B Navigation Computer, Electronic AND Manual
Navigation Plotter
Pencils, pens and note pad
Standard Calculator

Reference Material (recommended)

VFR Sectional Chart & Terminal Charts

FAR Part 61.103 & 109 (Private rating requirements) 61_103_109

Airman Certification Standards (Commercial) PDF


FAR/AIM 2020


Airplane Flying Handbook FAA-H-8083-3B PDF


Aviation Weather FAA AC 00-6A


Chart Supplement



Daily itinerary including subject area breakdown, lesson quizzes and scheduled breaks provided after receipt of class reservation and fee*. (*fee can be paid on day one of selected class)

In order to be fully prepared for the ground school, we recommend fee payment is made at least one week prior to the selected course start date and following receipt of class confirmation. This will allow time to review the itinerary and order of subjects covered.

Request for payment and options for payment will be provided with class placement confirmation. On receipt of payment a welcome package will be sent by email including class schedule subject modules and timetable.

Class location details provided following placement confirmation.

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