A P Watts RAF Tornado Pilot

“I am a Test Pilot and former fast-jet instructor with a 20-year career in the UK’s Royal Air Force and needed to get my FAA licences for career-transition after a 3-year break as a stay-at-home Dad.  I had completed my Commercial licence and needed to add a Multi-Engine rating to my certificate before I could complete my ATP.  David turned out to be the perfect choice as he understood exactly what I needed to achieve, and expertly tailored the flying to ensure the correct balance between cost and results.  His teaching style was calm but assertive, and he engendered an atmosphere of trust which worked in both directions; one could rely heavily on his instruction and advice, without having to filter out the good and bad, whilst at the same time feel trusted by him to explore the aircraft handling without untimely intervention.  I was also having some confidence issues, after having been away from the industry for 3 years, and I leant on him heavily for personal advice and support.  David was as equally adept at career counseling as he was instructing in the aircraft!  I am immensely grateful for the time and effort David committed to helping me resume my flying career and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone seeking flying instruction of any kind whether ab initio, or seasoned aviator.” June 19, 2020

Andres Piedra CFI, CFII, MEI


“I met David when I was working towards my CFII and MEI certificate.  David has provided me with an extensive understanding of what is required to teach instrument and multi-engine ratings. I gained the experience, skills and confidence to know, that every flight would be great and those skills that the student would need to succeed. With his help I passed both check-rides first time and with flying colors, As an instructor I transmit that knowledge gained to my students. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and mentor. His experience and knowledge is priceless.” June 15, 2020

Tylar Dawn Banta

“I was first introduced to Mr. Gibbons’ pragmatic teaching style after attending a commercial pilot ground school upon invitation by a mutual friend. David’s obvious expansive knowledge on the principles that encompass flying an aircraft encouraged me to begin the arduous journey toward achieving my private pilot certificate.

Frederick Bonderud Private Pilot

“My friend. My friend who flew the skies with me for some 10 years. Taught me how to fly and how to master the greatest joy of my life.” (March 5, 1937 ~ April 20, 2018) – July 03, 1997

Peter Nye Private Pilot

“Thank you for your patience and ability to take a novice, and reach his goal of flying over our beautiful AZ desert.” November 20, 1993

Dr. Arnie Dahlke Private Pilot

“During my over 40 years of teaching at every college level, I have rarely found anybody who shares my passion to actively engage students when I teach. David Gibbons is one such person! I have watched him spend hours putting together very captivating and informative presentations for his flight school classes, based on and illustrated by his many years of flying experience. I have seen praises and expressions of appreciation from numerous students about the valuable, very practical flying tips they learned from him in his outstanding classes. I wish he had been my flight instructor many years ago when I earned my pilot’s license!

I highly recommend him enthusiastically and without hesitation to anyone who is interested in truly learning how to fly from an experienced expert!” June 4, 2020

Rahim Rhehan Punjabi

“For as long as i can remember aviation has been my passion. I had just received my instrument rating and was ready to take on the PA-34 for my multi-commercial certificate. I had been looking forward to my first flight with Sir David Gibbons for a long time and, it was a hundred percent worth it. I was done with my multi rating sooner than i expected.

There is no doubt that he is one of the finest and maybe the last of his kind out there, when it comes to aviation. However, that’s not the only good thing about him. His work ethic and discipline are something that his students should learn from the most. Always the hardest working in the room and giving his best, even when there is no need to do so, shows what he is made up of.

Being pragmatic is his mantra and I try to follow it too because of him.

It was an honor to train under him and i wish that someday someone could think of me as i think of him.” June 26, 2020

Tyler Core Private Pilot

“I started flight training to obtain a private pilot certificate in May 2020 with GFT in Bishop, CA. Mr. David Gibbons offers top notch instruction that encompasses all areas of aircraft and airport operation. Every lesson incorporated weather analysis, preflight inspection, aircraft performance as well as risk mitigation on the ground and in the air. Each new lesson was a building block on the last, with emphasis on areas that needed more attention. The cross-country training provided the opportunity to experience both controlled airports and non-towered fields. My most memorable leg was the overwater flight to KAVX! Thanks to the pragmatic approach, I received my private pilot certificate in August 2020! Thank you again David! I look forward to our future lessons.” -Tyler Core. Bishop, CA August 20, 2020

Eric Gravbrot CFI


“David trained me for my CFI-A initial. I had heard how challenging this rating was to achieve. When I first met David, I knew that he would provide me the best in instruction and tactics, in helping to conquer this rating. I learned so many helpful tips and, how to be a professional flight instructor. One of my favorite things I learned was the 6-10 rule, which helps mitigate risk for any type of flying.

Throughout my training, David new exactly what to do and always took the lead, to get me to the flight instructor level. When it came time for the check ride, my examiner was throughly impressed with my presentation and teaching skills. This was a result of David’s commitment in taking my skills and fine tuning them, to teach outstanding scenario based training. You won’t go wrong in learning from David’s knowledge and years of experience.” June 15, 2020 

Oona Pohjalainen Commercial Pilot

“I had the absolute pleasure of being instructed by David for my FAA instrument rating. From the very first handshake he was committed on getting me professionally ready not just for my check-ride but also for my future flying adventures. 

I was always looking forward to my next lesson with David because he is so inspiring, supportive and insightful. I learned a lot from him and I know his teachings will get me closer to my dream.” June 22, 2020


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